Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I need to dig a little deeper

I haven't really done a lets-catch-up-with-my-life post in a while, so here's one now. I was feeling great until about ten minutes ago when I saw a photo on Facebook of a guy I'm kindofquiteclosetoandsortofhadathingwithandmaybestillike with another girl, and someone commented with a little hashtag merging their names together. Cute. Not. I know I have no right to even mind because it's not like he's solely mine or whatever, but I do still care. It's funny how something little like that can totally flip your mood.

Anyway, this isn't going to be a woe-is-me post because I ain't got no time to let boyz bring me down. I was on The Student Room on Friday in the University of Chester's forum thingy, and someone made a thread about English Language. So I clicked on it and got chatting to a couple of people who I'll (fingers crossed!) be in lectures with come September. It turned out that one guy I was talking to actually lives just a couple of miles away from me and that we have four mutual Facebook friends. Massive coincidence. We got on pretty well just chit chatting away so we decided to meet yesterday for coffee and more general chit chat.

For me, it was a bit weird because today is actually exactly one year since I met Internet Boy, so it was kind of strange that it was all being echoed fifty two weeks later. With Internet Boy, there were no awkward silences, nothing to indicate that we hardly knew each other. With Student Room boy, however, there were. It turns out he's not really much of a talker, but he is really sweet and is a pretty nice guy. It will be really nice to have someone I know at Chester in September so it's all worked out pretty well.

On Friday, it's my Grandad's funeral. He died on 22nd March in hospital of pneumonia. It's going to be my second ever funeral (my first only being three weeks ago) and it's going to be a really formal funeral. Funeral cars, three services, hundreds of guests, a black tie occasion. I'm a bit nervous, and a bit worried that I might have a little breakdown in front of everyone. I mean, everyone's going to be sad, but it's not worse for anyone that it is for my Grandma. They were married for fifty four years and she's never spent more than something like fifteen nights in her life alone in a bed.

Wow, this post did get pretty depressing pretty quickly! I still haven't done any revision this whole week, but it's my birthday on Sunday, I'm going out to da clubs for the first time on Monday, and my friends are coming for a sleepover in a tent on Tuesday, so there's things to look forward to. I hope you're all well and having a great Easter break! xo

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  1. :( i'm sorry about your drandad, stay close to your grandma and your relatives, i'm sure everyone will miss him. as for the formal function, don't worry, u won't do anything embarrassing.