Thursday, 10 April 2014

Peachy nails

I usually don't have my nails painted as I work every weekend (where they don't allow nail varnish!) and I don't feel there's much point in having my nails done for just five days and then having to take it all off on a Friday night. This weekend, however, I'm not working as it's my buuurfday, so I decided to make the most of being allowed painted nails. I wanted a spring-inspired nail colour and thought that my Bourjois polish in Apricot would be a good choice. What I will say though is that Bourjois nail varnishes are crap. They stay on for about a day - that's with two topcoats on too - before peeling right off. Don't waste your money on them, I'm telling you now!

A couple of years ago, I got one of the No.7 "Stay Perfect" polishes in a shimmery-glittery pale pink colour so I decided to put that over the Apricot colour in the hopes of getting it to last longer (which failed) but also to give it a nicer finish. The "Stay Perfect" range is so great. It really does stay perfect and I love the subtle colours they come in. Sadly, the one I have doesn't have a name on it, but I've done a bit of hunting online and I think they've discontinued it.

(Love the webcam quality, yo)

Quick shout to anyone who's reading this; are Essie polishes worth the money? I don't actually own any but I'm thinking of getting some. Any colour recommendations?

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  1. You know my answer anyway and YES. ABSOLUTELY YES. Don't get any of the lighter pink shades as they don't show up very well - I love all of the rest of my colours (range from pinks, greens, oranges and blues!) xxxxx