Friday, 18 April 2014

Entering adulthood, take 2

My closest friends came over on Tuesday night to celebrate my birthday in true seven-year-old-fashion; I pitched our huge tent in my garden and we all piled in for the night. With eleven of us in an eight-man tent, it was a bit of a squeeze but we managed! We ate a lot of food (namely pizza!) and stayed up til the small hours, gossiping our time away. It was a pretty rad night, really. 

(Spot my chavtastic ponytail!)

Having them all over also meant that I received some more presents and so have another birthday present "haul" post to share with you! I'll just get crackalackin because pictures are always more exciting than text.

My friend who works in a florist brought with her a single rose for me which I stupidly forgot to take a photo of on the day. This is the rose in its current wilted state!

Three pairs of shoes, all from New Look. The first two are espadrilles, one a floral print, and the other a white crochet pair. The third is a pair of fluorescent pink jelly sandals which are a bit of a statement but which I'm excited to wear!

A blush (left) and a bronzer (right), which are incidentally both named Coral. The blush, however, is a Sleek one, while the bronzer is from The Body Shop.

A felt tip liquid eyeliner by Collection, and a nail polish from Barry M's Gelly range in Papaya.

Gorgeous disc style earrings from Camden Lock, and cute silver heart stud earrings and a turquoise pendant, both from Accessorize.

Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes box set! I am so in love with Chris Lilley. I'm also so excited to read Cloud Atlas as I've heard such great things about it.

I have no idea what this is actually called but it's from Lush and you're meant to rub it on damp skin which acts as an alternative to moisturising. I saw Tanya Burr raving about it and, like the sheep I am, I wanted to try it out too. It smells divine!

A really cute but extravagant cushion cover which I've managed to shove a cushion inside of (it was a tight squeeze).

A bangin elephant print bed-spread-sheet-blanket-type item. I absolutely loved the colour and when I saw it in the Lock with my friend, I nearly wet myself with happiness when he offered to buy it for me.

A supercute floral tshirt which I've already worn out and am considering buying in another colour!

Would a birthday be complete without chocolate? I don't think so. There was a little bit more than this but I've been pretty peckish and... now it's gone!

I hope you've enjoyed my incessant birthday posts and that you're having a fabulous day! xo

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  1. I am so unbelievably jealous of your jelly shoes. I feel kinda annoyed I threw away the ones I had when I was 7 now even though they probably wouldn't fit me anymore haha

  2. oh my gosh there is seriously too much amazing in one post! Summer Heights high, that wonderful tapestry, killer accessories, and amazing people in one tent? Screw adulthood! haha :)
    Great blog, Kate! Can't wait to see more
    I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’ or GFC. Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back! :)

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡