Sunday, 27 April 2014

Crushin head Ovard heels

I know today is a Sunday so this hardly qualifies as a #WomanCrushWednesday post but I'm feeling a huge rush of love for Aspyn Ovard right now so I feel that it's pretty appropriate to write about it at this very moment. Aspyn is the creator of Haute Brilliance, a beauty/fashion/lifestyle YouTube channel. I'd like to clarify that I'm not an obsessive YouTube fangirl who has a sad life filled with vloggers that she feels are actually her friends, but I also know that I'm probably going to have to work pretty hard to convince you of that one!


Essentially, Aspyn's life is flawless. I know it's not healthy to put people on a pedestal like this and it might suggest an inferiority complex, bla bla, I know. I know this is pretty pathetic, trust me, but I just want to be her. I am happy with my life - so happy - but I'd be even more ecstatic with hers. I know she only portrays the best parts of her life, I really do get that, but she does a pretty great job of showcasing her happiness. Watching Aspyn's videos does sometimes make me feel a little unaccomplished, given that we're the same age, born just two days apart, but I also think it's so nice to see someone who is a genuinely lovely person succeed.

I think she's from Utah (or somewhere desert-y like that!) so, while it's probably really hot, it's also a place with beautiful scenery. She goes on long drives with her friends past "mountains" (they look more like hills to me) and is a cheerleader for her school's sports teams. Her house is fabulous and she has a seemingly endless supply of money. (She decided to go to New York City on a whim with her boyfriend and just ended up at IMATS.) Okay, sometimes she talks way too fast and maybe her voice gets a little annoying at times, but I just find her so endearing. You just want to love her.

I hope this isn't sounding way too crushy (although that would merely be revealing my true feelings!) and I hope you go and watch a couple of her videos, and enjoy them as much as I do. She's basically a younger, American Zoella - perfect human beings, and all. I'm not sure if this little girl crush stems from my love for Aspyn Ovard, or for the life she shows us all, but I know that I like what she does and how she approaches life, and that seems like a good enough reason to me.

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