Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Polka dot jeans

I used to wear jeans all the time. It was in that kind of emo stage that everyone has when they're around fourteen, and listen to little hipster rock bands from, like, Wyoming. I had about fifty six pairs of skinny jeans in a ridiculous amount of colours that I wore with baggy tshirts and checked shirts. Oh wow, hello 2010. It saddens me realising that period was less than four years ago.

Anyway, what I mean to say is after my little emo stage, I went off jeans entirely and stuck to dresses and skirts for the longest time. I did have a dark green pair of super stretchy jeans which I still wore, and still do wear, on my lazy hobo days. But recently I found myself wishing I owned some really cute little jeans just to wear with a tshirt and boots, and not have to put on tights with my skirts everyday. So I popped down to TK Maxx (where else?) and picked up these sweet polka dot jeans for something like £17.

They fit beautifully which is good because I have huuuge thighs and so usually need to get a larger size, even though my waist and hips are much smaller in proportion so the top part is normally loose, blah blah.. I'm just trying to say it's like they were made for me and I'm a huge believer in fate and that they were the last pair in the shop, so it's a SIGN (I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes...)

I'm off to wrap some Christmas presents now, and to write out Christmas cards for my friends. I'm starting to get all excited now... only one week to go!

Song of the day: (my favourite song in my emo time!)

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  1. They're gorgeous! I used to love that song too! Quite fun to still listen to when I'm in the mood to! :P xxxx