Monday, 9 December 2013

Am I imagining something?

I'm so average. This isn't being said in a self-deprecating, attention-seeking way; it's just an observation! I was filling out a survey for a friend's dissertation  just now about my teenage years as I'm nearly at the end of them (whoa) and my answers to the questions just made me realise how normal I am. I'm not sure how that should make someone feel, but it made me feel safe. I'm pleased to know that I'm doing everything that's expected of me, that I'm happily pootling along.

I'll be satisfied with having an office job when I'm out of uni, and getting married in my thirties, and having two kids. Just like the majority of the population. And do you know why a huge percentage of people live like that? It's easy, and it's safe. I don't think this post is making a great deal of sense but what I'm trying to say is I'm living the most average life possible, and I'm pretty happy.

(Cheeky shot of my friend making me lol.. no eyes but lots of teeth)

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