Friday, 2 August 2013

The Cornwall Diaries, days 4 - 8

Day 4 - Monday 29th July:

Rose at 8.30am and pottered about the house before heading over to Truro, Cornwall's "capital". Highly disappointed with the lack of eateries and high street chain shops (sorry, residents of Truro!) but River Island had a massive sale so I bought a jacket there. Also bought a "bacon and chicken" pasty for lunch which was actually leek and potato. The heavens opened briefly and we were drenched but decided to drive Trerice, a National Trust property because my parents are massive fans of anything with a National Trust sticker on it. Trerice was fairly small but the main hall was fab. Drove on to Holywell Bay, the second nicest beach in Cornwall. Frolicked in the sand and ate a Nobbly Bobbly before coming home for a dinner of the rarest beef I've ever eaten. Played cards for two hours (it's routine by now) and hopped into bed at about 11pm.

Day 5 - Tuesday 30th July:

Woken by my brother sleep-shouting in our shared bedroom, woo. Piled into the car and popped down to Morrison's to buy ingredients for the chicken divan I made that evening. Spent two hours preparing it before going on a quick stroll with Papa Green. Went to visit my 80 year old gay Great Uncle Jeff and his 70 year old boyfriend, Gordon, for afternoon tea. Gorged myself on Jeff's "famous" Victoria Sponge and shortbread. Came home and ate the fruit of my laborious afternoon, the chicken divan. Played cards (do I even need to include this now?) and went to sleep - or not, due to my brother's ridiculously loud sleeping habits.

Day 6 - Wednesday 31st July:

Happy 33rd birthday, Harry Potter! Visited another National Trust property, Lanhydrock, with the family. This one was absolutely huge with really impressive rooms and beautiful gardens. I appreciated it a lot more than Trerice. Popped over to Pinsla Gardens to look at the flowers and little statues and to have our second afternoon tea of the week. Pinsla has the single best carrot cake in the world, goes especially well with a pot of Earl Grey. Went out to a restaurant in the evening and had a squid and chorizo salad for starters, and grilled chicken and balsamic salad for the main. An evening well spent.

Day 7 - Thursday 1st August:

Visited an art gallery with my uncle because he's an artist and likes to take inspiration from other works. He likes all the art I hate, and hates everything I said was nice. Came back home and went to St. Agnes with my parents and brother. Knocked a man over on my body board, oops. Had a delicious BLT baguette for lunch and tried to make friends with a dog. It ran away. Had a dinner of everything left over from the past week, packed everything up, and - need I say it? - played cards. Spent my last night listening to Brother Green grinding his teeth in his sleep.

Day 8 - Friday 2nd August:

Got up at 6am for last minute packing. Watched the sunrise and hopped in the car at 7.01am to come back home. Stopped off for a McDonald's breakfast just outside Wiltshire and ordered a bacon, cheese and egg bagel meal with a diet Coke. Have I ever had a more fabulous breakfast? I don't think so. Arrived back home at 12.58pm which is a new record for the Cornwall-Sutton trip for the Green family. Unpacked and searched the house for food. There is none. Writing this post to distract myself from the hunger pangs.

Other important points of note: Baby Lips will only be available in store from Tuesday onward. I feel like a fool.

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