Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mundane Midweek Post #1

I haven't done a great deal lately. My best friend come over on Monday and I hadn't seen her in nineteen days. Maybe that's really lame to say, and I know it's so teen-girl-cliche, but I missed her a lot. We made bacon sandwiches and filmed the 'Best Friend Tag', and attempted to start writing our book. In the whole eight hours she was here for, maybe one and a half was spent actually making progress with it. It was a fab day nevertheless.

Yesterday, I went to someone-who-I've-got-to-know-recently's house. I might write a bit more about it later depending on how things pan out but if there's nothing more about it all within the next couple of months, feel free to assume it's been a bit of a flop. (Have you guessed the someone is a guy?) Today I went to Kensington the Royal Geographical Society to see a photography exhibition on pieces focused on travel. I found it really interesting and was definitely a day well spent. We also picked up lunch at Wagamama (chicken katsu curry, anyone?) and popped up to The Roof Gardens which I think are owned by Richard Branson. It's amazing because they're free and anyone is allowed up there. You can just sit on these sofas hidden in little alcoves in a rooftop garden and it's so peaceful. (I did get into a bit of a tizz when I thought we were stuck in the lift, though, verging on full-blown hysteria, if I'm honest.) I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're in the Kensington area.

Tomorrow is results day. I don't really want to think about it and I've done quite a good job at forgetting it's happening. If I don't write about my grades on here, it's highly likely I've done badly (which is what I'm expecting, but touch wood it's okay, agh!)

Anyway, if you're getting your results tomorrow, good luck! I'm going to get back to pretending I don't know that in less than 15 hours, I'll know what I got. See you later!


  1. Good luck with results today Kate, I hope all goes well :)

    1. Agh thank you! You too Kimmy :)x