Monday, 19 August 2013

Would you like fries with that?

Yesterday at about 4pm, I applied for a job at McDonald's. I've applied there before but I got rejected by email the next day. This time, however, I received an message titled "Great News Kate!" about four hours later and was informed I had an interview there for 3.20pm the next day. As in for 20 hours' time. As in today. So I got dressed in a smart outfit today and hopped on the bus to take me there.

I was told in the email I'd have a 15 minutes "on job evaluation" where I would serve real customers real food in a real life situation, followed by a 15 minute interview with the business manager. In actuality, I arrived and had a two minute meeting with the assistant shift manager. He just asked what I thought the job involved and if I would be willing to work until midnight. I said yep and he said okay great, we'll send you an email and get you put on the staffing system, bye. So, yay. I think I'm about to become a McDonald's employee. The uniform is mega cute too, bonus! 

I'm off to the cinema now to see the guy who I may or may not have something with. I have no idea really but it's Kick Ass 2 which looks amazing. I'll leave you with my favourite summer song now, Dreaming by Smallpools.

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