Friday, 9 August 2013

Internet friend #1, meeting #2

Today I went to meet Jess in Guildford for a shopping trip. I met her on blogspot (as I've said at least six times before) and we'd met previously in February but that was about six months ago so it was high time for yet another shopping trip in Guildford. My train journey there was a bit of a nightmare (fallen trees on train tracks, absence of shuttle buses to Guildford) but I made it an hour late, woohoo, and the shopping commenced. Jess and I happened to buy the same skirt in New Look but it's okay, we don't live near each other or have mutual friends, or even see each other really often, so I like to think it doesn't matter a huge deal. We both obviously just have fab taste in clothing. I plan to do an outfit post on the skirt with a pink tshirt I got from Primark today too, but I won't promise anything because we all know I'm not that reliable.

We also took a trip to Boots and stocked up on Baby Lips due to a 3 for 2 offer which was so great. I bought Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, and Mint Fresh. Can you tell I'm mega excited to finally have these lip balms which are so obviously made by angels?

I might do a review on them at some stage since I've gone on about them for long enough, but again, no promises are being made.

The final photo of today depicts a drink with which I have fallen in love. Move out of the way boys, this is where it's at. It's part of a range of iced teas or just cooled teas by the brand Arizona and I bought the green tea with honey. I'm a sucker for packaging so yes, the fab packaging did draw me in but it also tastes of heaven. Perhaps it's made by the same angels who are responsible for Baby Lips? Who knows. The world works in mysterious ways.

So, I've had an absolutely fantastic day. Thank you Jess for being such a great shopping buddy and it was lovely to see you again! I've had Guessing by Against The Current in my head all day, so I definitely recommend you check them out. Love to aaaall xo

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  1. Yaay shopping! It was great seeing you too again! Just wish public transport was a bit better and less unpredictable! xxx