Tuesday, 27 August 2013

ASDA underwear!

Hey guys! All having worked, you'll be reading this while I'm on holiday in Germany and we can all celebrate the fact that this is my first ever scheduled blog post. I've always been a bit picky about my underwear, whether it's bras or knickers, and I've only ever had things from Marks and Spencers because the quality is so good. But on an aforementioned shopping trip with Mama Green, we ventured into... ASDA!

The clothing section is by the entrance so we decided to take a quick whizz through it and see what caught our fancy. Two things caught my fancy actually. Two bras. The material on them is so gorgeous and, in my opinion, a billion times prettier than the range M&S has out right now. I bought two and, let me tell you, it was difficult to choose between all the lovely patterns but I decided on these:

I think the first one is my favourite and it also fits a little better but I absolutely love them both. I hope this post isn't, like, inappropriate or anything but you know, we all wear bras so maybe you'll appreciated the heads up on ASDA's fab collection of them! Happy underwear shopping.

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