Thursday, 9 May 2013

D A Y S O F M A Y part 1

Woohoo for procrastination! My camera decided to work for me again again, yay, so I've had a bit of a photo-splurge because there's so much I've not been able to upload. I thought this post could kind of be a "favourites of April and May" thing, especially since I've recently been so absent from the beauty that is blogspot that I need to catch up.


I came home today, and look what had arrived! A late birthday present from my real-life-friend-turned-pen-pal, Lily, who lives in Australia but lived here from when we were six to eight years old. We facebook every day and always send each other birthday presents so this was really lovely. She sent me a delicious smelling soap and a really cute card with a lot of writing in it. Lots of love to Lily.


I have left my football team. The end of the season came (we finished third out of nine teams in our league) and next year is Ladies' level football - soooo not happening. I won't lie, I cried when I came off from the pitch for the last time, and again when my manager made a speech for me. It's kind of funny because, even though I don't like him, he was my first football manager in the local Little League when I was eight years old. I didn't see him for about six years, and now, nine years later, he's my last manager. My football "career" is over! My lovely lovely friend on the team made me a card which was so cute:

And on another footballing note - our school team just won the Surrey Cup so I got a cheap-looking trophy for that but I am happy about it!


I said I would try to upload some birthday pressie pictures so here are some of my favourites:

Best revision music EVER. Youtube "Facing West - The Staves" for the best revising-to song in the world.


Paper Towns - John Green, Just One Day - Gayle Forman, and One Day - David Nichols. Reviews on these babies coming after my exams. These three books are all so beautiful and I could probably read them twenty times more and not be bored.

Incense is my love. My first true love. The ones pictured above are made by the company on the label below. Buy some of their stuff, it's fantastic quality and smells amazing!

Although Namaste's incense is naaaice, this Nag Champa stuff is the shiiiit. I'm not quite sure where you can buy it except for a little place in Camden Lock (which is where I stock up). It smells of vanilla and what I can only assume is the perfume of angels.

My friend, Izzie, bought me a beautiful Ted Baker makeup bag for my birthday too. I think it's so lovely and I love love love the patterns on it. I got a little speck of chocolate on it on the first day and almost cried. It's perfect.

This is just something really cute another friend, Alex, got me. It's a little coin purse and is pretty simple but I've been looking for something with the golden elephant style thingy on it for ages so she made a pretty great find!

To be continued in the next post.

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