Thursday, 30 May 2013

Camden Town, May

Yesterday, I was a bit bored (what am I meant to do with myself now there's no revision to do?!) so a friend and I decided to pop up to Camden and see what was new there. Apparently not a lot has changed in the past six weeks since I was last there. However, my favourite stall in Camden Lock had some beautiful cushion covers in - pictured below - for only £2.50 I think. I regret not buying more because I love anything with this style of pattern on it and would love for my room to be themed like this.

We also went along to my favourite bookshop there, Black Gull Books, and I bought this book for £2.50. I'm really excited to start reading it because it's so different to most books I own. I think it's (semi-)autobiographical, about a woman who moves from Denmark to Africa. I'm not really sure what happens but I'll find out.

These two rings were only 69p each from said stall in Camden Lock which is such a bargain.

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