Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hello summer, nice of you to join us

It's so sunny today! It seems that overnight all the daisies in our garden have sprung up and my favourite tree in the garden has started to blossom. My bedroom faces east which means every morning I'm woken by golden sunlight pouring in through the windows and everything is just bathed in the delicious warmth of sunshine. 

All the bluebells are out too, wahay! 

I've also been trawling youtube recently for old Taylor Swift songs. I think I prefer the material she wrote when she was like my age as opposed to what she releases now. I stumbled across a gem called "Till Brad Pitt Comes Along" which is unreleased but that I absolutely love! Speaking of Brad Pitt, I think (like every other female on the planet) that Angelina Jolie was so brave and just amazing for having the double mastectomy! I think she's definitely set a fantastic example for women everywhere to do the same and perhaps now the procedure will become more common, saving many lives. She's truly inspirational.

Song of the day:

Till Brad Pitt Comes Along - Taylor Swift

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