Saturday, 25 May 2013

Light up this city with our FREEDOM


Overall, I think they went okay. The English language paper was yesterday morning and it was the one I feel best about so far, praise da lawd! Just as well, because I think that's what I want to do at uni. But whatever, my new-found freedom still hasn't sunk in. This morning, I was like "oh it will be really nice to go shopping this afternoon, but I'd better make time for some revision". And then it was like, oh WAIT, I don't have to! My teachers should be elated though, that they've managed to instil this ridiculous, obsessive work ethic in me, so much so that I might go so far to say it's engrained. Mad.

So today I managed to go and make the most of Happy Hour in Starbucks (3 - 5pm!) with a half price Frappuccino (caramel cream topped with cream, if you're interested) whilst on my travels. My travels essentially were a walk to the bus stop, and a bus into town but it still counts since I practically haven't left the house in weeks. I had to pick up some birthday presents for my friend which was my main excuse for this excursion.

I bought her a pot of Essie nail polish in chubby cheeks and two pairs of socks from New Look (she asked for socks, I'm not a bad friend). It doesn't look like a lot but Essie is freaking expensive!

The second two pots are for me, both by Bourjois, in Adora-bleu and Abricot ouate so I'm looking forward to trying them. I also got Demi Lovato's new album because she's my girl crush and I'm totally in love with her (bit more than a crush really, I won't lie). Dabshwndikjnsdqw, she's amazing!

I also got some socks for myself because there was a pretty cute pair:

But what made my day was a book market in the middle of the high street which has definitely never been there before. I wish I'd got a photo of it but there were hundreds of books with everything from One Day to Huckleberry Finn. I got The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (for 40p), and I Capture the Castle (for 50p). I've heard so much about CIDNT but I have to confess I've not got a clue as to what it's about so I can't wait to start it. I Capture the Castle was Jacqueline Wilson's favourite book as a teenager and I've wanted to read it since reading Wilson's autobiography but I just never got round to it. I have another of Dodie Smith's books called the New Moon with the Old which I absolutely loved so I think this one will be great too!

I'm still not really sure what to do with myself with all this time off. It's weeeeeird.

Song of the day:

Freedom - Paloma Faith

(oh, how perfect this is)


  1. Well done! Enjoy your freedom! The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-time is a pretty cute book I think, I remember really liking it in any case!

    Kimmy x

  2. I'm just casually stalking your blog a bit and I have 'I Capture the Castle'!! I got it for Christmas last year! :D xx

    1. Oh please continue! Is it any good?! xx

    2. I've only read a little bit of it - my book pile is MASSIVE so I haven't really got around to it yet - seems good though! By the way, I need to find this book stall, sounds so good! Xx