Sunday, 26 May 2013

Tell me how to get back to summer paradise with you...

... and I'll be there in a heart beat.

I'm starting to feel so summery, part of which may be due to my new sun glasses. I've honestly been wearing them everywhere - inside the house, on the street at 7pm when the sun's gone in, in the bath. I think I'm in love and have been taking shameless selfies with them to entertain myself, and to send to my friends. They don't really reply...

These beauties are from Primark with a hefty price tag of £2. I thought well I might as well push the boat out because they're really nice and I love anything with a tortoise shell pattern. Even though it broke the bank, it was definitely worth it.

I dedicated my morning to painting my nails because they've been naked for about two weeks. Apparently if you keep nail varnish on all the time, it prevents the nails from being exposed to oxygen which is what turns them yellow, so I try to "air" them for a couple of weeks in between painting them. I used the two Bourjois colours I wrote about in my last post and did the Caggie Dunlop-inspired pattern.

Song of the day:

Summer Paradise - Simple Plan + Sean Paul

Bergerac, France 2012

This is my favourite photo from last summer, taken during one of the best weeks of my life. Looking at it makes me so happy and I'm ridiculously excited to make this summer even better.

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