Sunday, 2 June 2013

Survive - Alex Morel

As I write this, I am crying. Sobbing, in fact. Once again, I have been reduced to a snivelling, emotional wreck by a book. A beautiful book by Alex Morel called Survive. I didn't really know what it was about when I put it on my birthday list but it had been featured on one of my favourite reading websites ( which is always a good thing. It turns out that it features a plane crash and is a tragic tale of suicide, loss and survival.

I've never really understood suicide, and why people do it,  and what could possibly drive them into ending everything they've ever known. But Survive has made me understand which is something I'm grateful for. I like to think that having read it, I'm a lot more sympathetic towards people suffering from suicidal thoughts like Jane, the main character. Morel also deals with other types of illness and the impacts they have on others. I cried more than once whilst reading this.

Upon beginning the book, I disliked Jane. The story was narrated by her (which usually makes me connect with the character) but as her back story wasn't presented until later on, I didn't understand much of her reasoning and it frustrated me. I grew to love her, however, watching the changes she went through as the story progressed. Seeing her grow into an almost entirely different character was something I really enjoyed. Although there isn't much dialogue in the novel, it's not hard to see her growing connection with Paul, the only other survivor and I instantly loved his character. He was strong and brave and the rock that Jane needed. He was the catalyst for her transformation from an introverted, cynical, suicidal girl to a fearless warrior.

I'm so glad I read Survive. Although its events are predominantly upsetting, I'm now beginning to see that parts of it are also inspiring. I think the main message of it is just never give up - but perhaps also that life isn't fair and you just have to come to terms with that, accepting things as they are.


  1. Thanks for sharing your recommendation this sounds like a really interesting book. And I always think that the books that really make you feel something are some of the best :)


  2. Also, I've nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

    Because you are a really lovely person, you book reviews are really great to read and make me incredibly jealous of your bookshelf and your post is really just a pleasure to read!

    Kimmy x