Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The fabulous Kimmy at www. has nominated me for the Sunshine Award which is so lovely of her. I suppose I feel a little bit proud and definitely honoured, and it's just put me in a great mood, so thank you a billion, Kimmy! 

One nominates a person for this award if they feel that their blog "positively and creatively inspires others in the blogosphere" so it's doubly fantastic that Kimmy feels I qualify for this. Thank you, thank you! Kimmy has asked some questions which I will answer and then I think I have to come up with ten for my nominee too. It's very complicated, you see, all this awards business with which I'm not entirely familiar.

1. Who is your favourite philosopher? 

In all honesty, I'm not really into philosophy and it's not something I know an acceptable-to-write-about-it amount of, so I'll just put a quote I heard and hope it suffices. I was in my history class today and a boy was missing because he hates the teacher (to be honest, I'm not a fan of her either) and never bothers to come to her classes. He has serious attitude problems. A girl, supposedly one of his friends, said "oh Karl's not here, he does have issues though". And our teacher said "everyone has issues. It's just how you deal with them". I don't like her but I've never agreed more with anything she's ever said. I almost started clapping. Everyone has problems and everyone goes through unpleasant things - yes, some are more unpleasant than others - but it's ultimately how you choose to deal with things that affects the outcome. Well, not necessarily the outcome, but definitely the severity of the impact it has on you. So while my teacher isn't a philosopher, this something I wholeheartedly agree with.

2. What is your favourite number? 

Thirty eight. A lot of people are like oh that's weird, but (I hope I don't sound stupid saying this) it seems to follow me around. I came 38th in my first London Mini Marathon and 38th in County Cross Country Championships three months later. My three favourite books have thirty eight chapters. A beautiful house I've always wanted to move in to is number 38. There's so much more, I've just gone totally blank!

3. What is your favourite animal?

In all honesty, I'm not really an animal person. I'd probably have to pick a pug because I think they look adorable and hilarious at the same time. If you got me a well-trained pug, I'd be very happy.

4. What are your facebook and twitter? too, just because)

5. What is your favourite time of day?

Probably the evening, 4pm onwards, really. It's when I've got home from school and have put on my chav tracksuit to lie around in (I'm not proud). It's when I have my snacktime and pig out. But a lot of the significant things in my life seem to occur in the evening and I also like looking at the stars. Who doesn't?

6. What is your favourite holiday?

My mum is from an island on a lake in the south of Germany called Lindau, and every year we go there to visit our family. It's so beautiful and I may do a post on it later on. The people are lovely, the little shops are fabulous, and the sunsets at the lake are gorgeous.

7. What is your favourite physical activity?

Eating. Walking from the bus stop to McDonald's and back again. Shuffling to the fridge. In all seriousness, probably running because you burn a crazy good amount of calories (thus making room for the McDonald's). I love the feeling you get after it, a kind of delicious-feeling tiredness.

8. What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Peach ice tea. Hands down.

9. What is your favourite flower?

Can I be mega cliche and say a rose? I think they're beautiful. I love any colour; white, cream, yellow, red, orange, pink. They also smell divine. If I get married and can afford to do so, I'll have bouquets of roses left-right-and-centre.

10. What is your passion?

Reading. Without a shadow of a doubt. Again, it's so cliche but I love feeling like I'm getting lost in a book. You know it's a great one when it's all you can think about and the characters and events are flying around inside your head for days after you've finished it.

And there end my questions. Thank you again Kimmy, I loved answering these. My nominee for the Sunshine Blogger Award is Jess at I met Jess on here in October (oh how time flies!) and we met up in person in February. She's absolutely lovely and I really enjoy reading her blog and seeing what she's getting up to (not in a stalker way, promise). Her posts are always really bubbly and she definitely deserves this.

I'm not really sure if I'm meant to set some new questions for my fabulous nominee but I'll do it anyway!

1. What was the best day of your life?
2. Your favourite thing about your bedroom?
3. Your proudest achievement to date?
4. Favourite TV show?
5. Something you're addicted to? (or practically addicted to!)
6. Who's your celebrity crush?
7. Where do you hope to be in ten years' time?
8. Your favourite ever smell?
9. Something you own more than twenty of?
10. If you had to pick one song to start the "soundtrack to your life", what would it be?

I've really enjoyed doing this and I hope you all have found it interesting reading this. Go and follow Kimmy and Jess, they're both great!


  1. Thanks Kate! You're very welcome, you deserve it! :) I love that quote, it's a really good thought! I would definitely love to hear about Lindau!

    Kimmy x

    1. Thank you! Haha I'll be sure to do it then :) x

  2. Awwh, thank you Kate! :') I'll do the questions later!! :) xx