Saturday, 29 June 2013

Clouds are oceans, drifting in time

It's been a pretty great week. I've caught up with all schoolwork I missed for uni open days and I didn't get a lot of homework for the weekend. Isn't it sad how it's predominantly things which happen at school that determine your mood? It is.

On Thursday, I donated blood for the first time. I think everyone should do it. It takes about five minutes to take the questionnaire beforehand, and about ten minutes to have the blood taken. It's nothing. It doesn't hurt and is beneficial to so many people. Anyway, I'm not going to try and push my views onto you but I really do think it's so so so worthwhile!

I've spent my day drinking cherry PepsiMax which is a bloody gift from god, running a 5k, and sunbathing. I'm currently glued to the TV watching Laura Robson at Wimbledon. I feel a new girl crush developing. Next year, I hope to go to Wimbledon and watch from the big hill since it's only twenty minutes on the bus from my house. I would go now, but you know, school. We're not actually learning anything right now, it's a bit of a weird post-exams, pre-summer period so it's essentially a waste of time.

Ooh yay, Laura Robson just won! That's my cue to go and clean the garden chairs for a BBQ we're having in about an hour. I'll leave you with my new obsession, The Good Natured, and their song 5-HT.

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