Sunday, 30 November 2014

Merry Philmas

One of my housemates is obsessed with Eastenders and so, naturally, has a lot of love for Phil Mitchell. From day one of uni, Phil has been a big part of our house with little pictures of him stuck all over the place. It seemed only fitting that he was also involved in our Christmas plans this year, which is why he's had the honour of being placed on top of our Christmas tree.

We popped down to B&M today to pick up a 6 foot tree for just £10. Amazing. All hail B&M!!! Four bits of tinsel for £3 is also a godsend and is pretty much all we needed to jazz it up, student style.

Also, to get properly into the Christmas spirit, my other housemate Emily and I made a countdown chart for the wall. Two and a half hours of intense colouring-in later and it looks glorious:

Only 25 days to go, I can't actually wait!

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