Wednesday, 12 November 2014

First semester hauling: clothes

I know students are meant to be poor and not buy any luxuries (like clothes and makeup and anything fun) but I kind of couldn't resist when I saw these bits and pieces in town. I heard this girl the other day say "Primark has an amazing collection in right now"... Collection might be of a, um, extravagant word for it but they do have some great things at the moment. Two examples of this are these beauties:

They're made of a really thin, sheer-ish material but have little velvet swirly patterns. I think they're so wearable and only £8 each which is such a bargain. I've been pairing them with high waisted jeans but they could also look great with a dark skirt or something. I'll have to experiment.

My next purchase was also from Primark, this time a white boxy tshirt. Is boxy the right word for it? It's definitely a box shape and isn't actually at all flattering, but I loved the pattern. I haven't actually worn this out yet but you can't really go wrong with jeans, can you?

Wow, that really doesn't look too good. I kind of like it though... #hatersgonnahate.

Two days ago, I headed into town for what was supposed to be a cup of coffee in Central Perk (more on that later!) and to buy a loaf of bread. It actually turned into a full blown shopping trip and I picked up these babies from H&M. I honestly treat them like they're my actual children, I love them that much.

They really don't look it, but they're actually hella high and consequently a bit difficult to walk in. I'm sure I'll get better at it. I hope so, anyway! Ah, my babies.

I also headed into New Look. The only non-push-up, non-strapless bra in my size happened to be in the sale, and also happened to be really cute. It was only £3 too, so I can't argue with that:

And finally, I managed to fulfill one of my lifelong ambitions which was buying a university jumper. Don't even ask me why I've always wanted one - I can't tell you because I don't actually know. The students union shop was having a clear out sale so I got a tenner off this lovely hoody:

All in all, I'm lovin da uni life. The work is getting harder day by day, but at least I'm getting my money's worth. £9,000 my arse. I'm trying to do a bit more blogging because I kind of do have a lot of spare time. I just spend it all watching Glue (omg, what an ending?!!??!) and The Great Interior Design Challenge (there's another five episodes waiting for me on iPlayer). Here's a little look at my £88 per week student digs:

I'm also queen quarter pounder maker at the biggest McDonalds in town:

Hope you're all having a sweeeeet November! xo

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