Thursday, 13 November 2014

Life Notes 1


Like a lot of people, when I'm out and about and I hear or see something I want to look up properly later, I make a note of it on my phone. But I always seem to forget that it's there, or can never be bothered to Google it (epitome of laziness) so I've got far too many things in a little list on there. Last night, I got the idea to turn it all into a series of blog posts because I think a lot of it is kind of interesting and I'd like to document it here. I think I'll do it all ten at a time because you can never really go wrong with a list of ten, can you?

1) John William Inchbold. I was in a gallery a couple of years ago and saw his work which I absolutely loved the style of. I think he always uses beautiful colours and I really like that his pieces look almost photograph like.


2) Shashank Joshi. This guy writes really well about politics and I always find his articles interesting. He has taught at different universities, has degrees from both Harvard and Cambridge and he's a researcher for RUSI. What a cool guy. I love his blog too.


3) Harvey and Rabbit. I loved this advert when it first came out and I still do now.

4) Hatfield College, Durham. When I was looking at university prospectuses in year 11 (keen bean), I stumbled across Durham's and was particularly interested in Hatfield College. Even though I ended up not going to the uni, let alone joining the college, I've always loved their motto: 

Vel Primus Vel Cum Primis

It translates to "either the first or with the first" but within the college, they've colloquialised it as "be the best you can be". I think that's something to live by.

5) My brother: "Your face looks like something you'd find up Satan's arse" - 18th August 2011, Lindau Strandtbad. We were on holiday in Germany and my brother was twelve years old. This was the first time he'd said anything remotely sassy or rude to me, and I just cried with laughter. Not sure how appropriate this is for this otherwise pleasant post but it's been sitting in my phone notes for over three years now.

6) Candy Girl - New Edition. How can this song not make you want to get up and dance?!

7) Mamihlapinatapai. I remember watching Life in a Day and being fascinated by this girl's video clip in it. I've never forgotten this word because I love what it means.

8) Eurovision 2012. I LOVE Eurovision. I watch it religiously every single year, and every time, I write down which songs were my favourites. Is that sad? No? Good. These countries had the ones I loved the most:


9) Graffiti in Amsterdam. When I went to Amsterdam last year I saw loads of street art; words, pictures, colours, everything. One that particularly grabbed me, though, was just huge black letters across some wooden boards blocking off a building site. It said:

I feel like a mutant emerging from the Hudson River.

I thought maybe it was a song lyric, or something from a book, or would have some kind of relevance. I Googled it and nothing came up. I guess it only means something to the person who did it but I'd be so interested to know what they were thinking.

10) Take my hand, I'll show you the wild side. I love Kesha and I love this song. 

I feel a lot better for having written all this down. I feel like these are little parts of my life and I'm so happy I've finally got them in one place to look back on when I feel like it.

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