Monday, 24 March 2014

What does your profile picture say about you?

I've been thinking a lot lately about what people's profile pictures say about them. I stumbled across this dry but humorous article and definitely agreed with a lot of what it had to say. It's worth a read. I also felt that this video was relevant and it made me laugh:

So, I ask you, why did you pick your current profile picture? What do you like about it? Please do share, I'm curious.

Here's my profile picture on Facebook at the moment:

This is me with one of my best friends. It was taken at his birthday party a couple of months ago and he looks a bit bombed, let's not ignore that. But I think it's such a happy photo and, as vain as it may sound, I also think it's a pretty cute photo. It was only after I uploaded it that it occurred to me that we might look a bit like a couple in it, although anyone who knows us knows how crazy unlikely that is.

It just had me wondering, what does this picture say about me? Because it's important. The way I present myself to my 500+ friends on Facebook matters and I definitely care what a lot of them think of me. To me, this photo says I love my friend and I'm feeling pretty happs.

Perhaps this is a bit of a pointless post and I know I haven't articulated what I'm trying to say as well as I could have but I'm tired and at the same time have realised I've hardly blogged this month. Maybe this links a bit to a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago because I selected this photo to be my profile picture above any other photos for particular reasons, whether or not I was conscious of that decision.

I hope you're all having wonderful Mondays!


  1. love! such an interesting post!

  2. "we show everyone the life we want to see" this is so true! i dont have instagram either and i don't see the point in that at all. i much prefer to read statuses (also the unhappy ones) from my real friends rather than stalk people just because of the filter they use, or because they're famous and live for the likes.