Monday, 24 March 2014

The Liebster Award, take 2

I've been nominated for my second Liebster Award by the lovely Flossa (is your name Flossa or Florence or something else? I'll go with Flossa for today!) who has a pretty bangin blog, so be sure to go and check it out. I also think she's really beautiful, if that's not too weird to say? I'm pretty sure we all know the Liebster rules so let's get a-crackin with this.

11 facts about me:

1) I like doing my own piercings and have a pretty fab time doing so whenever I feel I need a new addition to my ears.

2) If I'm in my house, I will not be properly dressed. I'll be in tracksuit bottoms and a hoody, with a chavtastic ponytail. 

3) I currently have "I love me" written on my right hand, and it's not even a lie. I feel extraordinarily happy today.

4) Squeezing spots is one of my favourite things to do. Sorry if this gets a bit TMI, but wow, when you watch that puss fly out of a spot.. oooh, it's one of the best things ever.

5) This weekend, I'm pretty sure I became obsessed with a guy from work who lives in Croydon's ghettos and has scars from a knife attack on his neck. He also looks like Edward Scissorhands.

6) In less than three months' time, I'll be done with school forever. That thought excites me as much as it terrifies me.

7) I can't do work when it's set. I have to do it the night before it's due or I just can't get myself to buckle down and do it.

8) I've realised how much I love making other people happy and seeing them smile. It's like that super cheesy quote goes: "Happiness is a perfume which you can't pour on others without spilling a few drops on yourself".

9) My phone's background is my best friend in all da wurld looking at me and laughing. Sometimes when I'm feeling all emotional, I get this overwhelming feeling of love for her.

10) Aforementioned best friend and I have decided to start uploading little vlogs to YouTube like every other teenagers on the planet. Feast yo eyes (and ears) on this.

11) I haven't seen my bedroom's carpet in about six weeks, I'm that messy.

Flossa's fabby questions:

1) If you could change one aspect of your personality, what would it be?

I've had to really think about this. I think I'd like to not be so quick to judge people and jump to conclusions. It doesn't really do anyone any favours, least of all me.

2) Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Hell yeaaaa! I could go on about this for a long time, but looking at The Everyday Sexism Project gets me pretty riled up.

3) What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

I was fifteen years old and doing my Silver DofE expedition when I needed a wee. We'd stopped at one of our designated checkpoints but our assessor wasn't there so I decided to pop into a bush for a wee (where else?!). I'd just got my toilet paper ready and had pulled down my leggings and knickers when I turned round to see our assessor behind me... in the bush. Cry. He saw my bare bum cheeks.

4) If your house was burning down, what's one item you would save?

I'd save my laptop (let's be practical).

5) Are you scared of spiders?

Yes. Very much so. I can't help but squeal in terror whenever I see one.

6) Do you prefer large or small groups of people?

Oooh, I don't know. I love small groups when I know everyone there really well, but I like larger groups for mingling and getting to know new people. So, both?

7) Do you believe in God?

Yessir. My family doesn't but I do, so, while I don't go to church, I do pray and I feel like that's a great form of release.

8) If you had to spend the rest of your life with one person, who would that be?

I'm sure this answer will vary depending on what day of the week you catch me on. Today, I'll pick my close friend/kind-of-ex-boyfriend-ish, Tom. He's a fab guy and we get on so well. He also makes me really really happy so he'd probably be a good choice.

9) Favourite smell?

I'd have to say the smell of garden centres. It's kind of the same one as when you walk into a garden shed, just that lovely, fresh, mossy scent. Mmmm.

10) Do you like your name?

My full name is Katherine Emma Green (cheeky KEG there) but it's just Kate Green, really. It's a bit boring but it's alright. I wouldn't mind something really elegant like Elizabeth or Emmeline but I'll just save those for my own daughters.

11) What do you think is the most interesting aspect of your personality?

God, that's a hard one. I suppose it depends on what you define as interesting. Is it interesting that I only actually feel sad like 2% of the time? I feel lucky that I'm so so happy.

And there end my answers. Thanks Flossa for some great questions. None of the usual "what's your favourite lipstick" or "worst beauty-related accident ever?!". These ones really made me think, so thank you for that.

I'd like to nominate Barbs and Jess. I'm very much aware that this is not eleven other bloggers but let's be honest, I don't know that many, and I love both Jess and Barbs's blogs. Check them out yo. Here are my questions for them:

1) What's your favourite song at the moment?
2) How happy are you on a scale of 1 - 10 right now?
3) What's the saddest thing you've heard in the past week?
4) Write about the person you think of the most.
5) Do you overuse any words or phrases?
6) Where do you want to be in ten years' time?
7) What's your favourite time of the day and why?
8) Do you have any disgusting habits? Please divulge.
9) Talk about your earliest memory.
10) Is anything hurting you right now?
11) How does blogging impact on your daily life?

And I also nominate YOU. I used to get kind of jealous when I was never nominated for this kind of thing so please, if you're reading this and you want to do it, just answer the questions. Send me a link to your post because I'd love to read it! xo


  1. wow this is some good timing!! i just wanted to post something before being unreachable for The Big Event (which is not my wedding dw!)

    and i had to hide my face reading that embarrassing episode! omgggg that is a funny story to hear but i can only imagine how you felt!!

  2. Nice answers, I wish I was brave enough to do my own peircings but last time I tried I ended up with a wonky slightly infected piece of metal in my ear... My actual full name is flora, by the way <3