Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Accidental Camden

Today, my friend Will and I decided to pop up to Camden as we realised we'd never had a day out with just the two of us! We also have lots of friends with birthdays coming up so we thought we could treat it as a little present-shopping-expedition. Both of us finished our classes at 10.30am today so we were in Camden before lunch time and hit up McDonald's there with my employee discount. Two Big Tasties later, we were stuffed and the shopping commenced.


We first went to a place called Rokit which sells "vintage" clothes for ridiculous amounts of money. Basically, it's an overpriced charity shop and we found nothing that was worth buying. We also looked around Camden Market - take a look there if you're after clothes - but we didn't buy anything until we reached Camden Lock Village Market. I picked up a few bits and pieces for some of my friends there (it's great for jewellery and little knick knacks) but was distraught to see that my favourite Deep Fried Oreos stall was shut. So distressing.


I got really happy when we went into Camden Lock because there are hundreds of little stalls and shops there and it's like a maze. We walked around for a good hour trying all the free fried chicken samples and madly inhaling incense. 


At my absolute favourite little shop there (it's the Indian themed one by the statue of the horses, if any of you know the one I mean!) I picked up three really cute cushion covers (the orange one isn't for me, sadly) and some secret birthday presents for my best friend which I obviously can't be posting photos of here for her to see!

Afterwards, we went to a place to which I've never actually been - The Stables Market. I didn't realise quite how huge it was and I found it hard to believe I'd never stumbled across it before. We found this fabulous little shop where I bought a couple of really cute pocket mirrors and something I've (perhaps weirdly) been lusting after forever... a paisley scarf! I also bought a couple of birthday presents for Jess here; Jess, I hope you like them!


We also visited Black Gull Books. I'm telling you now, it's the best bookshop in the world. I know I'm managing to squeeze an awful lot of superlatives into this post but it really is an amazing place. There are thousands and thousands of books in there, stacked from floor to ceiling. They're all second hand but 95% of them are in fabulous condition and it just makes them a lot cheaper.. bonus! It's become a bit of a tradition for me that every time I go to Camden, I have to get a book from there. I really am Black Gull Books' biggest fan.

This time, I bought Ali Smith's The Accidental because I fell in love with the cover (I'm such a sucker for packaging) and I did the page-123-test. Basically, if you want to buy a book, you turn to page 123 and see if you like the author's style of writing, and see if what you read makes you want to read on and find out more. If it does, buy it. If it doesn't, chances are you won't like it. I'm so excited to start this book.

Finally, just before we popped on our tube back home, we took a little walk down some roads we hadn't been on before. We happened upon St. Michael's Church which is a very sweet little church tucked away behind some shops. It's honestly the most unlikely place for a church! We went in, lit some candles and had a little prayer, and then went out and sat in the church gardens for a bit. There are some really lovely mosaics there and it felt so peaceful.


I had such a fabulous day and I actually can't wait to get back to Camden when there's new stock in all the stalls and new places to discover. It's by far my favourite place in London. What's yours?

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