Thursday, 3 September 2015

Germany 2015

Last week, my parents, brother and I flew out to Germany - as we have done every summer of my life - to visit my mum's family. My mum is German born and raised but left the country at the tender age of 19 to become an au pair in England. She loved suburban Southampton so much that she decided never to move back home, and instead moved to South London where she met my dad. Anyway, that's a story for another day, but the point is that half of my family live in Bavaria and we went there to visit them last week. 

I'm sure I've mentioned before that my parents are avid hikers and lovers of all things mountain. This is how I found myself at the top of two mountains over the course of the week. The first set of pictures below were taken by yours truly at the top of Nebelhorn, a huge ass mountain in the village of Oberstdorf. Nebelhorn is a ridiculous 7297 feet tall so we didn't actually climb this one - we took the cable car up. The views were stunning but I got sunburnt hella bad on the backs of my legs and on my parting in my hair. It started peeling two days ago so now I look like I have terrible dandruff. 

We also saw a huge number of cows on the mountain and my cousins and aunt decided it would be funny to let these cows lick their arms (apparently they like the taste of salty sweat, or something equally gross). I was gagging so much at the long trails of gloopy cow saliva hanging from their arms. Anyway, here's a huge amount of Nebelhorn photos taken on my trusty phone.

The other mountain I mentioned was the Pfander (lil umlaut on the A in Pfander but I don't know how to do it...). This one is part of the Alps on the German-Austrian border only about four miles or something from Lindau, where my mum and her family come from, and where the family still live. Lindau is where we stay every summer and it's become a second home to me. The Pfander sits in the Austrian town of Bregenz, which you may have heard of if you're a James Bond fan - apparently one of the films is set there but I really don't have a clue as to which one. The mountain is only 3491 feet tall so we climbed up there. There were some fabulous photo opportunities of Bregenz from half way up, and lovely views from the top. Cue pretty photos. 

These last photos below are rushed little snaps taken on our first night in Lindau. After dinner, we went for a walk around the island and I took some quick photos to send to my friend on WhatsApp. Seeing the mountains on the other side of the lake is a view you become so accustomed to when staying in Lindau that it almost stops being spectacular. I know these photos don't do it justice at all but the sun was out and it's a way to remember our lovely first evening.

I hope you're all having a lovely summer. Have you been away anywhere nice?

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