Thursday, 17 September 2015

Nails 17/09/15

The other day, I wanted to paint my nails but I was torn between two colours: Barry M's matte burgundy crush, and Accessorize's shade 38 aztec, which I think has been discontinued now. I decided to do a lil combo of colours and plumped for the feature nail style. Now, I know that feature nails are a thing of like 2010 but I've never really got over them! I think it's just a nice little something extra to add to an already cute manicure! I'm also not really a fan of matte polishes, so I tend to put a clear top coat over them to make them nice and glossy.

So, cue the photos:

I've kept this pretty short and sweet because, really, how much is there to say about your nail colour? But also, let's make a bid to bring back the feature nail because then I won't feel so tragically out of date if everyone else is doing it too.

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