Monday, 14 September 2015

Everyday makeup 2015

Let me kick things off by saying that I am definitely aware that these photos are very amateur and I'm not really trying to present myself as a beauty guru wannabe. I used to do quite a few beauty-related posts and it was kind of fun, so I miss it a bit. I'm not as interested in makeup reviews and beauty blogs anymore but I still wear the stuff every day, like probably 99% of girls my age.

The photos below show what I have on my face every single day. Over the past three years I've been trying out different brands of every type of product I use to find my favourite of all of them. I think I've finally got it worked out! If you're remotely interested, let me know in the comments what products you use and if they're like AMAZING, and maybe I'll deviate from this selection and try them out!

The photos of the products below are all in the order that I put them on. Apparently some people actually do concealer before BB cream or foundation which I find so alien! Anyway, let's get to it.

First, I use Neutrogena's grapefruit moisturiser all over my face. I'm prone to getting a lot of tiny little dry patches on my face, especially when I step out of the shower, but this stuff sorts it right out. I've been using it since the summer of 2013 which is a long time when I think about it. I love it because it's not at all greasy and it gets my skin ready for the next steps of this very amateur beauty routine.

This is my very favourite makeup-related discovery EVER. I was flying back home from Zurich in the summer of 2012 and picked up one of those free but very posh fashion/beauty magazines. There was an advert in it for this Garnier BB cream and it came with a little sample packet stuck on the page. I tried it out when I got home and it was love at first swatch. (Can you swatch BB creams? I think so...) Anyway, I wear this every single day. It's quite moisturising, but not too greasy so it doesn't leave you looking shiny. 10/10, you need to try it.

If I could only use makeup product for the rest of my life, it would be concealer, hands down. I need it to cover up my purple eye bags and the spots I always seem to have. I've tried seemingly every single high street brand's concealer, from Collection's famous "lasting perfection" concealer (which I found to be the worst of them all!), to Maybelline, to Boots' own brand, 17. I've stuck with Revlon since last summer because it gives the best coverage, it's long lasting, and it doesn't break the bank. It's not 100% perfect though so if you know of one which you think is better, please let me know!

I'm not at all fussy about powder. It's all the same to me, really. It just does the job. I do wear powder every day but the brand is about as important as umm... something which is really not important. I picked this one up in Asda for a pound or two, but I know that when it's all used up, I'll just buy one from wherever I happen to be shopping when I remember that I need more powder.

Eyeliner, however, is something I care about a lot. I've been wearing this one since 2008 which is crazy. That's seven whole years. I'm laughing at how manky this photo looks, because the paint on the pencil has worn away and just looks like I found it on the floor outside. This is Barry M's black kohl liner and it's amazing. It stays on all day and doesn't smudge too much and is just all round perfect.

I found this mascara purely by accident. Well, I say "I found it", but really it was my mum. She bought it and then realised it had one of those curved wands when she only likes the straights ones. I, however, love the curved wands so she gave it to me. I think Maybelline's mascaras have the best formula and the brushes don't really allow for clumpy lashes, which is always a bonus. This one is the cat eyes one, but again, the writing has rubbed off from being manhandled and chucked in many a bag.

This is something I don't use every single day because it's very sparkly. It's the Body Shop's shimmer waves blusher/bronzer in the colour coral. It's just the right shade of pinky-goldy-goodness and I love it. It's a bit pricey; I wouldn't normally pay £16 for a little thing like this but I've been wearing it most days since last April and it's still not finished so I'd say it's worth it.

To get my lips ready for a bit of colour, I always use a lip balm. Like with the powder, I'm not too fussy. I've tried posh ones like Burt's Bees and while it was nice, it was also £4 when something like this Boots one is only 99p. I really like minty flavoured things so this one is ideal.

A lip colour I've really been loving at the moment is L'Oreal's Colour Riche 380 shade which is luminous coral. It's a nice pinky colour, but not too pink. It's also really moisturising and the packaging is so pretty. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging and having a lipstick you really love is something I think is important!

Excuse my selfie but here's the finished look. I always feel a bit weird posting photos of just my face but this is a suitable occasion, right? It's quite a simple makeup look and doesn't really take more than five minutes. I tend to leave my brows alone but I feel like they've been looking a bit sparse lately, so if you know a good brow powder thingy, let me know!

Hope you're all happy and well and loving life!

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