Thursday, 20 August 2015


Last Thursday, I embarked on an adventure - kind of. It felt like an adventure to me because I was doing proper adulty-type things, and I still feel like a fourteen year old trapped in a nineteen year old's body, so it was pretty wild. I packed up a huge suitcase full of things like toilet paper, and bed sheets, and a rug, and hopped in my friend's car to catch a lift to the tube station. From there, I went up to Euston and, when I arrived, lugged my suitcase up three staircases to the main station bit. 

"Stairs?" I hear you ask... "but Euston has many an escalator...". You're right, but I was an absolute idiot and went the wrong way, resulting in precisely zero escalators and probably about fifty six thousand steps. I don't know how I managed to go the wrong way; the tube trip from Morden to Euston is a journey I've done probably 20 times by myself, but of course the time I would mess up is the time when I had a 100kg suitcase. Like, as I lifted it up the stairs, I felt my left eyelid pulsing, I was trying that hard. And I'm not even a weedy skinny gal, I'm the girl that my manager put in the kitchen to lift heavy shit because I look, erm, sort of robust. Probably burned a few calories though...

I waited for my train and then when the platform was announced, I power walked there because I needed a good spot for my suitcase. Come too late and you'll have to put it in that dodgy bit by the toilets and doors, which no one wants. I nearly ran over an old man who was going at snails' pace in the main walkway to the platform. If you're going to come to London, walk fast, and if you can't walk fast, don't walk in the middle of the fucking path. Anyway, I was the second person on my carriage (result!!!!) so the suitcase situation was perfect.

I whiled away the two hour train journey reading Eclipse - my 2009 love for Twilight was renewed by watching Breaking Dawn on Film 4 the other day! - and before I knew it I'd arrived in Chester, my beautiful university city. I stayed in my lovely little house I'm going to be renting for second year, so I called my landlord to come and meet me outside the house and give me the keys. It took him a good 20 minutes to find said keys in his bundle of hundreds of keys. 

When I went in, all the rooms were so much bigger than I'd remembered it - better than the other way round, I suppose! My friend popped round with about eight boxes of stuff I'd left at her flat for the couple of months when I moved back home, and then she drove me to B&M so I could buy bedding and a few other essentials such as Twizzlers. This friend is an absolute saint! She had to rush off, leaving me to unpack for a couple of hours, before heading to the station to meet my boyfriend. He came from doing exam-y stuff at his uni in Cardiff straight to Chester, so we could enjoy our little holiday up in the North West. We went to the chicken shop for dinner since all I had in the house to eat was a boil-in-the-bag rice packet. 

This first day is probably the most exciting day we had for the whole week. The rest of it was just comprised of trips to B&M (for Twinkies and Twizzlers), Aldi and McDonald's. We watched a lot of films and probably twenty-something episodes of Friends. There was also lots of sleeping and snacking, and drinking of coffee. Rather uneventful but absolutely enjoyable. He's my favourite person in the whole wide world to spend time with, so this week was the highlight of my summer.

Here's a little photo my room in the new house - my home for the next year. It's not quite as small as it looks here but I really really love it.

Here's the first double bed I've ever owned. Well, I don't technically own this, since it's in the house that belongs to my landlord, but you get my drift! It's so nice to finally not have to share a single bed with another person. I don't think I could have hacked five nights sharing a single bed!

I picked up an academic diary from B&M for 99p and jazzed it up with some washi tape. I really love how it looks, and if I get bored of the colours, I can always peel it off and stick on some other tape instead! I don't know many people who still use a diary like this for classes but let me tell ya, I've never missed a lecture or seminar or assignment, thanks to my lil diaries.

#NoFilter. Haha, but really, I filtered the shit out of this for Instagram. Tom and I went for dinner to Hickory's Smokehouse on our last night and I struggled to walk home because of the size of the burger I ate. Absolutely delicious.

One of our (or should I say "my") favourite things to do is pretend to be burritos. I know it's silly but it makes me laugh so much. This really cute duvet cover featuring lots of elephants is from Primark! 

I'm aware that this is a bit of a mundane post but I love documenting my life on here. I hope you're all happy and well, and if you have any photos/posts on uni rooms, send me a link because I'd love to see what you've done with them! xo

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  1. Your room is soooooooo nice and I love the duvet cover so much oh my gosh!

    Kimmy xxx