Monday, 3 August 2015


This is definitely the laziest summer of my life. I've only just got my old job back today (despite job hunting for the past 3 months!), so since I moved back home, I've just been sitting around crying about my state of unemployment. But not now, my friends. Now, I managed to convince my old boss to give me back my minimum wage job at McDonald's so that I can actually earn some money to pay for rent next year.

In between stressing out about jobs, I've done some cool-ish things. I've been on some midnight walks with my boyfriend and we did that really lame thing that only couples in movies do where you find a tree to lie under and look up at the stars. Here is said tree.

I also went to a Harry Potter pub quiz, and out of about 15 teams, we came second! I say "we" but it was actually just me because none of my team mates actually knew/cared that much about Harry Potter? We were only a couple of points away from winning the £130 prize pot, which is a bit gutting, but I did enjoy receiving a silver medal and bags upon bags of sweets and dodgy looking cans of beer.

The majority of my days, however, have been spent in this ensemble, sitting around in my house. I'm actually wearing this lil hoody/pyjama combo as I'm typing this. I don't have many friends back at home anymore. At sixth form, we had a friendship group of about 10 of us, so I had 10 best friends who I could call upon at any one time if I wanted to go to the cinema, or go shopping, or just have a movie day at my house. But a couple of weeks before we all went to uni, we had this huge blowout row and we all took sides lol. Our group is totally split now so I only have 4 close friends at home now. Except one of them moved to Devon with her mum, so really it's only 3. And one of them lives an hour away, and the other works full time now, so really it's only 1. That's a bit depressing, isn't it?

I'm just kind of excited to get back to uni now, because that's where all my close friends are. I'm so excited about moving into our new house! A post about that will come when I actually get up there, so you can expect lots of photos.

Here's a close up of aforementioned pyjama bottoms. They're from Primark and were only a fiver or something. The pattern is so cute and the material is light and comfy and I can even wear them when I'm walking to my neighbour's house, as it's not hugely obvious they're pyjamas. All hail Primark.

I haven't been to a proper high-school-style house party in ages so I was really excited when one of my friends said he was having a huge one at his house. My Saturday night was spent running round in a penguin mask, eating rum cake, and drinking copious amounts of gin. Who knew gin and lemonade tasted so good? My eyes have been opened.

I don't remember taking this photo in the mirror at the party, so here's a little inadvertent OOTD for you. Fuck knows where everyone else was in this photo, like I don't actually remember being alone for the whole night. What happened there? This outfit features what I like to call my ugly pink jacket which is "vintage" (just means it belongs in a charity shop...) from Rockit in Camden. It was only £4 so I picked it up for a bit of a laugh last summer. You can't really go wrong with a white tee/black jeans combo, and of course I'm wearing my beautiful Primark sandals. 

(Leaning on the wall for support...)

That's all for now. Like I said, my life right now just involves eating pizza sat in front of my laptop, so there's not a great deal to report. As of tomorrow though, I'm a working woman! I hope you're all happy and well. Shout out to the same seven people who read all of my blog posts.

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  1. Kate, we are literally the same person?! Like how??! I've just gone back to my old job and I'm feeling a little lonely out here in the sticks, it's weird how uni changes things isn't it?