Thursday, 5 March 2015


Last week I popped home from uni from Friday to Monday for an interview for a potential summer job, and just to catch up with my family and best friend again. It was a lovely long weekend. On Friday, I got the train down from Chester to Euston and then tubed it across to Victoria in rush hour, absolute nightmare! It doesn't matter how many times I go on busy tubes, I'll never think they're any less horrible than I do now.

I met the boyf at Victoria for a spot of McDonald's dinner, since he was also coming back home from uni for the weekend and had arrived at a similar time! I didn't even have to plan that one! #amazing. We then hopped on the train back to our glorious London suburb and I'd never felt so happy to see those dirty, chewing gum-splattered pavements in my life. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing with my family and falling asleep in my own beautiful bed with a perfect mattress. Uni mattresses will always be shit!

I headed up to Waterloo at the crazy hour of 8.30am on Saturday morning for aforementioned interview. It was horrific and I'm almost certain I didn't get the job but I still kind of enjoyed getting to meet all the other candidates - all twenty five of them (!!!??!!?!?). Afterwards, my best friend - from whom I'd been parted for six weeks! - came to meet me and we walked down Southbank just having a good old goss. We popped into Wagamama for lunch and ordered chicken katsu curries - I mean, what else do girls between the ages of 13 and 25 order?!

We sat in Starbucks for another hour and a half having a merry old time, and then got the train home again. My mum prepared a beautiful dinner of schnitzel and chips, and there was plenty of family banter at the table ("Kate, the banter bus has left and you're not on it! Hahahaha, I'm so witty" - my mum). I actually love my family so much and moving out and being 200 miles away from them has made me appreciate them a million times more!

On Sunday morning, I walked to my boyfriend's house for a day of gorging ourselves on pancakes, bacon and syrup, and watching Jeremy Kyle repeats. Glorious. There was a thunderstorm starting just as I was about to head home, so I had to borrow his size 12 boots for my size 5 feet. I looked like an actual clown, but hey, who wants to ruin cute Charlotte Olympia kitty flats eBay knock-offs? Not me. Sunday's dinner was prepared by my fabulous dad who whipped up a lovely roast chicken meal with his famous Yorkshire puddings. After a Call The Midwife sesh, I crawled into bed for my last sleep on a decent mattress for the next month.

Monday morning was full of a bus journey, a tube ride, and then a two hour train up to Chester. I made it back ten minutes before my lecture started - but not before running over an old lady's foot with my suitcase in town. I am a bad person. And there ends my first proper blog post in what feels like forever - more like three weeks, I think! I'll finish with some photos my beautiful best friend took on our day of Southbank fun. (Fun fact: despite being Laandaaan born and raised, this is my first ever photo by the river, let alone in front of the Houses of Parliament!)

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  1. That sounds like suuuuch a nice weekend! I hope you're well! I've missed reading your posts! (That is entirely my own fault, I'm so busy/lazy)