Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Best Weekend Ever

I'm not really a Valentine's-Day-celebrating kind of gal, but this year I decided to go all out and have my boyf come to visit me for the weekend. There were Valentine's cards, flowers, a meal out, pizza night in, and lots and lots of Netflix. We also decided to walk the whole way around Chester's city walls (don't know how unfit me managed, to be quite honest) and we headed to a cute little pancake shop to revive us after about half an hour's walking (like I said, I'm really unfit!).

We also made some delicious burgers from Aldi's cheapest mince, Aldi's cheapest bacon, and Aldi's cheese-topped buns which are a gift from god. (By "we", I mean Tom made them, and I watched intently from a kitchen chair.) I ate it in about two seconds flat because it was so yummy. Compliments to the chef.

I know these types of posts are probably of like 1% interest to a lot of people but this blog has kind of gone from something I know other bloggers are reading and commenting on and being interested in, to an archive of parts of my life, which only me and about three other people actually read. And I'm okay with that. Yes, I'm getting maybe one hundredth of the views I was getting this time a year ago, but it's totally fine because looking back on my posts from last week, last month, last year, makes me smile a lot. I like documenting this all, even if it's just for me to read.

To those fabulous (approx 3-4) people who do take a peek at each post, hi, and I hope you're doing well and having fun! x

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