Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Every now and then you know I think you're crazy

I'm aiming for two posts a month now, to actually try and motivate me to document some of my life on this blog, which is what it should be for. Since I last wrote on here, I've been to see Jessie Ware in Manchester which was so rad, I've done another assessment (which is perhaps the most shockingly written essay I've ever done!), and I got my marks back for my second and third assessments. Say hi to the person who got the highest mark out of everyone the whole English language course, both single and combined honours (?!?!?!?!?). (That's me, by the way...) I also got my first 2.1 on the other assignment which I'm happy with because that's actually a halfway decent grade, you know.

Here's what my £5 illegal merchandise Jessie Ware tshirt looks like:

It's chill though, Jessiebabe approves because she tweeted that she wants one of these nice looking illegal tshirts. I don't even feel bad anymore!

The highlight of the past couple of weeks though has been getting a visit from my wonderful boyf who I'd been parted from for a whole month (!!!!). He told me he was coming at 10.30pm, so when he actually rang at 4.30pm to say he was standing outside and could I please let him in, you can imagine my surprise! I was in the bath, one leg shaved and one not, so it wasn't the best timing ever. But we did have a great weekend, consisting of pizza, lots of Rekorderlig cider, a trip to Central Perk, and some fried chicken. Here's some photographic evidence of all the fun that went on:

I've also been hitting the clubs recently with my best friends soon-to-be-housemates, and ruining what would have been a nice group photo: 

Well done, me.

Song of the day:

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