Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The first haircut in 3 years

Exactly one month ago today, I got a drastic haircut. Before then, the last time I'd had it snipped was December 2011. I hadn't even done my GSCEs, I hadn't had my first proper make out sesh, I hadn't met most of the friends I have now, and I didn't have this blog. I definitely hadn't done A levels or been to Zante with my friends, or been to my first festival. I don't think I'd even been to Camden. My point is - through all this rambling - that these ends I had chopped off have been through a lot with me.

Yes, they were split horribly (honestly, you've never seen anyone with as terrible split ends as me!), and they were faded to a gingery colour from three summers' worth of sun, and they were so wispy it was almost like they weren't even there. But I loved my hair. See below (I'm on the left) for the horrible state of the split ends:

Honestly, the hair from the bottom up to my chin was all wispy and split and horrible, so about six weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. I went home for a few days in reading week and popped along to the hairdressers while I was there. Bonus of getting my hair cut at home means my mum paid for it... woooo, student life! Debbie, who happens to be a bit of a shit hairdresser, chopped off half of it. I felt so liberated!!! Ah, I don't think I've ever felt that happy with a haircut. Until I got home...

Then I was all like omg Debbie, what is this shit fringe, I did NOT ask for this?!!?!?

But I got over it (just about) and started to love it again...

I felt that this was worth documenting because three years is a hella long time for your hair not to see scissors. What's the longest you've gone without a haircut?!

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  1. yay for radical new hairdos it looks really good on you! I don't think I've ever been that long without a haircut but each trip to the hairdressers normally involves some awkward moments while I try and find less obvious ways of saying 'I just let it do its thing and sometimes wash it it hasn't seen a hairbrush in months and its probably housing small animals' <3