Friday, 27 March 2015

Life as of late

Last Friday morning, I was woken by a text from my housemates downstairs to say they'd got a little blanket setup going on round the back of our house, on the grass. The eclipse was about to happen so I pulled on a hoody and ran out there to witness this supposedly amazing event. We could see it but I really really really wasn't impressed. Honestly, if I hadn't known it was going on, I probably wouldn't have noticed. I am glad I got up though, even if it was just to sit on the grass with my friends in the morning sunshine and have a goss.

That evening, I headed to my friend Sarah's house for some drinks with our friends, before going over to a party in an old hotel which has been turned into student accommodation. Worst party ever. We left after half an hour because the hostess - the only person we knew there! - was absolutely trashed and not in a state to receive visitors, apparently. We walked back to Sarah's to continue the fun and merriment with some hotdogs and a shit "comedy" film about terrorists.

On Saturday, the uni decided to inform me and my housemate that there would be people looking round our house because it was an open day. We decided to escape for some shopping and a cheeky McDonald's meal. In the evening, I went to Sarah's flat again as our American exchange student friend was flying back to Washington in a couple of days. She was throwing him a surprise leaving party and invited lots of the other exchange students. Turns out they were all Mormon and judged us soooo hard for drinking two glasses of Pimms. They didn't want to join in any of the games and left at half ten. Then two gay guys we didn't know that well - but who were friends of the leaving friend - turned up and the fun began. I don't remember much but I know I ate a lot of toast and ended up going for a wee with one of the guys. His makeup was absolutely flawless!

I went to work on Sunday morning slightly hungover but enjoyed a Big Tasty meal on the way home. When I got in at about 5pm, I had to make a start on an assessment essay I'd stupidly left till the last minute. It was due on Monday morning, so I just blitzed it in about three hours on Sunday night, submitted it, and now I'm hoping for the best. Monday wasn't particularly exciting but I made about forty cupcakes with my housemates in the evening and we decorated them beautifully - lots of pink icing and little yellow fluffy Easter chicks. On Tuesday, I had a seminar and practised a presentation I had to give the next day till I was blue in the face.

Wednesday morning rolled around and I had the nervous sweats because I was dreading doing the presentation in the seminar. If it's just a casual chat in front of everyone in there, then I'm fine, but this was a presentation on a project we're about to do that counts for 30% of the module mark, so I wasn't a happy bunny. I think it went okay-ish though, and I had to revive myself with a sandwich from the cutest sandwich cafe in the whole world. Sarah and I go there so much now that they know our "usuals" and which table we always sit at. I think that's a sign I eat too many sandwiches....

Yesterday, Thursday, was also pretty boring. I popped into town to pick up a few last minute things before I go back home for Easter this weekend, and then I watched hours and hours of stuff on iPlayer. Today has just been spent packing for home, and crying with joy that I managed to get 67% on an assessment last month. Everyone I know on my course got in the 40%s so I'm thinking mine was maybe marking mistake because I deffo slipped up on the referencing. If it was a mistake, fingers crossed my lecturer doesn't notice!

Tonight I'm going to a mini house party and I've got a bottle of strawberry Lambrini so it's sure to be a good one. Hope you're all well and loving life! xo

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