Monday, 23 March 2015


I've made some clothing purchases recently and when I wear these clothes, I've never felt more badass in my life. I picked up a skirt from Asda (of all places!) for £16 and a leather jacket in the Primark sale for a tenner. Obviously it's not real leather, and the skirt isn't like designer quality but I actually feel like a rock queen when I wear them with some chunky heeled boots. My best friend said I look like a member of Haim which is quite clearly the highest compliment I have even been paid.

Definitely have this blogger clothey pose sorted!

Ooooh the bottom is so swishy and lovely!

I feel da power.

I nearly shed a happy tear on this little red sticker!


I can't describe how much I want to be the fourth sister. It pains me.

Flashback Monday (that can be a thing) to when I met the beautiful woman herself. I am totally naming my first daughter Este.

So dressing in a manner that could be considered cool has actually made me feel really confident and elegant and with it. I sound just like my mum! But really, I can't wait to wear this outfit in public.

A song to honour my fashion goddesses:

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  1. Loooove the skirt!! And the pose is totally the best way to show it off ;)

    - Embrace the Light