Tuesday, 5 August 2014

UPDATE #1: Summer to-do list

About a month ago, I wrote a summer to-do list for the 2014 Blogger Challenge. So here we are, with only 26 days to go until my summer is over and I've ticked off a scarily low number of things on the list (and all of them appear to have been fulfilled at Latitude!).

1. Pull at least three all nighters.
I did two at Latitude, so just one more to go. I'm making excellent progress on this point.

Taken on All Nighter Number One 19/07/2014

2. Become best friends with someone I want to be.
I'm going to have to change this one to "become friends" because "best friends" is a bit of a tall order. I met such a rad girl at Latitude called Lily. She's seventeen, from York, and works in an ice cream van. She's so carefree and hippie and cool, and we spent the whole weekend together. I will be forever thanking the god that, in a field of 20,000 tents, she somehow pitched hers next to mine.

Rad Lily on the far left, and me on the far right

3. Lose my voice from singing too much, too loud.
Check check check check. Four nights at Latitude allowed for this to happen multiple times. God bless festivals.

With my right eye closed, treating everyone to a pre-Haim singsong session

5. Not be sick from copious amounts of drinking.
Again, four nights at a festival usually means lots of drinking but guuuurl knows her limits and wasn't sick at all.

Sweaty but happy

8. Stay in touch with new friends.
I'm definitely doing this. Facebook group chats are a lifesaver when it comes to casual, bantery chit chat with more than one person.

Another Kate on the far right, the person from Latitude I speak to the most now

13. Improve my henna tattoo skills.
My henna skills are poor. But rad Lily showed me how to do cute designs at Latitude and I like to think I'm improving a bit. I tragically don't have any photos of this but I'll hopefully get some before the summer's over.

So actually, I've completed (nearly) six things on the list, which is almost half. I'm tidying my room tomorrow though, so that will mean that number 11 is completed. How riveting this must sound to you (not)! I hope you're all having a fabulous summer too. xo

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