Monday, 11 August 2014

The Unavoidable Sun

The Unavoidable Sun

Motel sleeve dress
$59 -

Motel grunge babydoll dress
$59 -

Vintage black dress

Dr. Martens navy shoes
$185 -

Essie pink nail polish
$18 -

Essie blue nail polish
$13 -

I've just bought this dress from Motel and I absolutely love it but I was feeling far too lazy to try it on for a post, so here's a polyvore set instead. I'm planning to do pink and blue nails over the next few days hence the Essies, and I've finally jumped on that black choker necklace bandwagon. Evidently embracing my inner hipster.

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  1. Latitude looked amazing Kate! It's always been a festival I've thought about going to. Gosh I really need to get back into Polyvore- love that little ring! (Love your white dress and the kimono in your haul too, by the way) xx