Friday, 8 November 2013

University Offer #1

I've been wanting to submit my personal statement for a few weeks now but my form tutor hadn't finished my reference (can you say useless?!) so I was getting pretty frustrated. So many people have had offers already - one girl at my school got her fifth and final offer last week! But today, today was glorious day: I submitted my whole UCAS application to the universities! I applied for English Language (or similar) at Anglia Ruskin, Aston, Chester, Gloucestershire, and Kent. Some friends of mine had waited eight to ten days for their first offers so I was expecting a response from the unis a couple of weeks from now. I checked my UCAS four hours after I'd sent it though and... an offer from Gloucestershire to study English Language and Creative Writing! I felt a bit lightheaded which is pretty stupid but I got excited. Four hours might be some kind of record.

I'm feeling pretty happy and I hope that anyone who's in my position, who's sent theirs off, is getting offers or will do soon. Good luck guys! I'm off to bed now as I need to leave for work at 7am tomorrow and won't be back until 6pm. Eleven hours spent in a McDonald's uniform is too long. Good night! xo


  1. congratulations! I just discovered your blog, it's really interesting :) x

  2. Ugh, tell me about it I totally understand how you must of being feeling as I haven't even sent off my personal statement yet, I only just finished filling in my grades! I'm going to send of my personal statement first thing Monday! Well done on getting an offer hun, you must be feeling proud, you should feel proud aswell!x

    Jess x
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