Saturday, 30 November 2013

2014 Blogger Challenge!

I hardly ever know what to blog about. Most of the time - as you'll have probably gathered - it's just me rambling. That's why, when I read on Jess's blog about the 2014 Blogger Challenge, I got a bit excited.

Head over to Gaby's blog for more information because I'm sure I'm not going to explain it very well. Basically, fabby Gaby (cheeky nickname already!) is, twice a month, going to send out an email to anyone who wants to participate with a topic for a post. And then the idea is you do the post. Obviously.

Anyway, this is a pretty cool idea and Gaby is a little genius. Definitely head over to her blog to investigate further. There are already close to 300 people doing it and  you will feel so left out if you don't it's a great way to bring everyone together.

I'm excited, are you?

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