Friday, 6 September 2013

Live like a saviour, live like the stars

When I was in Germany last week, I visited a huge shopping centre called Lindau Park in the town we were staying. Although I've been there every summer for the past ten years or something, I'd never gone into a shop called New Yorker and I'm so glad I decided to venture there last week because the clothes they have are exactly my kind of thing. That being said, I only bought two items because of the cost and also a lack of suitcase space. This post is about probably my favourite of the two pieces, a navy lacy top.

I can tell you now I won't be wearing it with that grey skirt (charity shop, £4.50) but it happened to be out pn my floor (oops) so I decided to wear it for the photos. If you've read some of my other recent posts, you might see I'm really into lacy clothes at the moment so the sleeves are my favourite thing about this. I also really like navy clothes, making this a perfect combo for a top. I'll probably end up wearing it to school with jeans; I do realise it's a bit dressy but hey, sometimes it's nice to make an effort. Also, I think it's quite a flattering cut, being a bit looser on the tummy which is what I need! Haha, but honestly, things either make me look like I'm wearing a tent, or they show off every little imperfection which isn't particularly great. This strikes a nice balance though.

I hope these little outfit posts are okay. I'm not intentionally trying to be a wannabe fashion/beauty blogger but I've been buying a lot of clothes and cosmetics lately so that's what I'll be writing about for another week or so. On another note, it's my first day working at McDonald's tomorrow, agh! I'm kind of excited but also nervous. I'll be working for eight hours (11am - 7pm) which is a bloody long time and I'm worried I may miss the start of Strictly Come Dancing (please God, no!) but overall, I'm looking forward to it. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday night.

Song of the day:

Say You Don't Want It - One Night Only

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