Monday, 23 September 2013

Black ankle boots

I wish this was a post to say "hey guys, guess what, I got some really cute black ankle boots, check them out!!!" It's not. It's a post to say "hey guys, guess what, I desperately want some really cute black ankle boots, check out which ones I want very much".

What I love most about these is the height of the heel. It's high enough to make a casual outfit just that little bit more dressy, yet not so high that you couldn't wear it to school without looking stupid. While I prefer the Marks and Spencers ones (I think the elasticated bit looks even classier!) I'll probably end up buying the New Look pair - mainly because they're £40 cheaper at just £25. I think that's such a bargain so I hope I can pop down there later this week.

Song of the day:

Royals - Lorde (Orla Gartland and Lauren Aquilina)

This cover is absolutely incredible. Yep, the original is really great but the harmonies in this version give me such shivers and I've had huge girl crushes on Orla and Lauren for bloody ages so for them to collaborate is a dream come true! There's a free download of it, there's something about it on my twitter.


  1. Those boots are so nice, I've been looking for a brown pair similar to those! That song is the best thing ever, I've been listening to it pretty much since it came out! xxx

    1. Try Peacocks maybe? Agh, I know! Go and download her I Love It mashup too xxx