Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Gone are the days of summer

"I don't know how I looked but I know how I felt: young, goofy, infinite." - John Green

Summer is now well and truly over. Apologies for making this photo so large but I really wanted to talk about it. (Also please excuse my friend's drink - I've promised myself I'll never pose for a photo with alcohol but since I'm not holding it here, it doesn't count!) This picture was taken at a party in mid-July, just a couple of months ago. It features me, my best friend, Lola, on the right, one of my closest guy friends in the middle, and a friend we've all got to know more recently on the left. It was a farm themed party (hence the checked shirts on the boys) so Lola and I came as cats. I believe you can also spot a straw hat in the background.

What immediately struck me about this photo is how happy we all look. We danced all night (to the best song ever...), sang a lot, ate huge amounts of pizza, and spoke to about a hundred people. At the time, I was like hey, this is an okay party, I'm having fun. When I got home, I realised how fab it had actually been and what wonderful people I'd been lucky enough to spend the night with. It also made me think, we've only got a year of this left. In September next year, we'll all be off to uni (MK, the guy on the left, I'm 99% sure, will end up at Cambridge). We have to make the most of our time together now - cheese alert! - and I think we've made a pretty good start at doing that. This photo captures our joyful mood on the night perfectly for me.

That's why I love it. It sums up everything I want to remember my teenage years for: strong friendships, happiness, youth, dancing, and smiles. Our time is here.

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