Tuesday, 10 September 2013

First weekend on the job

You may or may not know that I managed to land myself my first ever properly paying job at McDonald's recently. I applied just over three weeks ago, had my interview the day afterwards, and three days later, completed my orientation for which I got two hours pay. I had my first day there three days ago, on Saturday.

I worked an eight hour shift from 11am until 7pm and oh my God, I've never been so tired. I work "on lobby" as a Customer Care Assistant which is essentially a glorified cleaner. I was a bit worried about feeling awkward and like not-one-of-the-team but everyone has been mega lovely and I already love the people I work with, just after two days. I was thrown in at the deep end though: the shift manager introduced himself and took me out to the lobby (the main eating area). He told me that red cloths were for food surfaces and blue cloths were for everything else. Then he said "alright, I'll just leave you to it then" and pottered back into the kitchen. I was meant to have someone training me but she decided just not to show up so I was on my own for almost two hours before a replacement person I'll refer to as M arrived.

I'd been warned about M by two girls there before my shift began. They said he's intensely annoying (they were right), that he lies about everything (they were right), and that he gets everything wrong (they were right). Example: he told me that our deputy shift manager had got eight McDonald's employees pregnant this year. He also told me the reason little pots of milk for tea and coffee are kept in the kitchen is because people (grown adults, he said) would pour them over the table for fun. I'm about 99% sure it's because the milk needs to be kept in a fridge but hey, you know, I've only been there one weekend, what do I know? (More than M, I can tell you that right now). He also looks exactly like the guy from Up and comes up to my chin in height, despite being 21 years old.

M aside, I had a pretty good time. I kind of enjoyed myself - is that weird? The eight hours passed really quickly and I made friends with lots of the other employees (well, as friendly as you can be for having known each other for two days, though I did get a massage from a guy named Oasis). Sunday was pretty much the same except I worked from 8am until 4pm. M started work at 4pm so I didn't have to work with him, praise be, and was with a lady called Vik instead. She's worked in the business for twenty years, she says, and actually knows what she's doing so she told me how things work. Oh, except it's her who flaked out on me on Saturday because she "didn't have the money to get into work". She smokes non-stop, so um, I guess that's where her travel money is going. Priorities.

I can see I've done a lot of moaning but it's alright. Sunday passed faster than Saturday did so I'm hoping that will continue in the coming months until the days whiz by (wishful thinking). I ached so much yesterday. Cleaning tables, mopping floors, wiping tiles, changing bin bags, running out Drive Thru orders, sweeping lobbies, and stocking up napkins and straws really does take it out of you. Also, I got my hand stuck in the serviette dispenser and now have two rather attractive looking scabs on my knuckles. All in all, not bad for a first weekend. If you guys have jobs, tell me about them, I'd love to hear!

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