Wednesday, 16 July 2014

So we should party all night

I'm going to Latitude Festival tomorrow, for which I'm a bit excited but also a bit nervous. I think I'm more nervous than I was for Zante because I'd done the whole airport shebang before, and I'd been clubbing before, but I've never been to a festival before so I really don't know what to expect. I hope that doesn't sound too pathetic. Two Door Cinema Club cancelled which I'm a bit bummed out about because I was really looking forward to seeing them. Lily Allen is replacing them though, so that's alright-ish. My friend and I tested our tent yesterday and it's okay but there are thunderstorms forecast for Saturday which obviously isn't great. Ah well, we'll see. 

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the packing right now and I keep feeling as if I'm missing something hugely important, agh!!! But you know how sometimes a random text really brightens your day? Someone I used to care about a lot just got back in touch and I'm sitting here with a delirious smile on my face. Anyway, I should get back to packing and I've somehow been roped into making dinner ALONE for the whole family.

I'll be back on Monday (or perhaps Tuesday) with a bumper Zante post complete with my fave photos (probably all more for my amusement than yours, but feel free to read!). I'll finish this post with a song that I don't even like but that's been stuck in my head all day:

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