Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Prom 2014

I had my year thirteen prom on Friday. It was actually kind of underwhelming. Not all of the year group turned up, no one except for me and my friends actually danced, and everyone was kind of bitchy about what other people were wearing. I think two girls had long dresses, but everyone else opted for short ones. Things were kept pretty casual; one girl even came in trousers and a crop top.

Me and my closest friends all met up beforehand for Pimms, popcorn, and a few photos. That was probably the highlight of my night. We had a swell time! I got very merry on Pimms and apparently was noticeably tipsy as we arrived at the event.

We all hopped on the "party bus" the school provided and headed off to Epsom Racecourse as we'd hired out one of the suites for the night. We sat down for a delicious meal and then watched as people got drunker and drunker on the extortionately expensive drinks. I danced with my pervy 60 year old English lit teacher to Wiggle by Jason Derulo and got inappropriately patted by him (my teacher, not Mr Derulo). 

Our school got photographers in for the event but the photos are SO expensive that I've resorted to screenshotting them and saving it that way. This is my favourite photo of me and my gals where I apparently have both the shortest dress and the most awkward smile. Win win.

It was an alright night, but probably not one that I'll remember for the rest of my life. It was nice to say goodbye to some people who I'll never see again though, and any night spent with your best gal pals is a night well spent.

No prom is complete without...


  1. Prom is almost always underwhelming, best just to get mildly pissed and try to ignore the people you hate. Thankfully at ours we had drunk teachers dancing.

  2. lovely dresses, all of you <3
    and pimms omg i miss it sooo much! one of the best things of my uk spring