Wednesday, 2 July 2014


As my best friend wasn't able to come to Zante for the week with the rest of us, she and I decided to have some quality time in Camden on Monday, the day after I got back. We hadn't been up there together since May last year (where has the time gone?!) so it was nice to go back to all our favourite places and just explore.

One of my favourite parts of the day was finding a whole labyrinth of corridors and nooks and crannies underneath the Stables Market. I think it was pretty deep underground (there was no phone signal!) and we stupidly forgot to take photos. But seriously, this place is a wannabe-hipster-photographer's dream location. There are abandoned antiques stalls and locked-up forgotten cafes. We also stumbled across a sofa bed made up beautifully with patchwork quilts and sequinned cushions. A little along from that is a wall with thousands of people's names, phone numbers, and addresses to get in touch. I took down someone's address and left my email so we'll see what happens there!

Our best find of the day though was a fab store called Traid. They're a charity shop chain who collect clothes, customise them, and then sell them for amazing prices. A lot of the stuff they have is vintage too, but you'd never be spending an unreasonable amount of money. I found these great shorts there for £6 which is such a bargain!

They're quite a bit shorter than something I'd usually go for but they were so cheap and I'm thinking they'll be perfect for Latitude. One thing Zante has shown me is that nobody really cares if your thighs are a little too big for your shorts.. what even is "too big" anyway? If you like the way you look in them, wear them! 

I make a quick pit stop in Rokit (an overpriced charity shop claiming that it's vintage) every time I pass by but I'd never bought anything... until this trip! I fell in love with this men's jacket, reduced to just £4. It's waterproof which was pretty great because I came out in a tshirt and it started raining heavily when I got off the tube. The coral colour is really cute and I love that it's oversized, plus you can't go wrong for less than a fiver.

I also bought some scented oil. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it since I don't have an oil lamp but I love the smell of lilies and it's a cool thing to have around, just in case. You never know!

And finally, before we went home, we swung by Black Gull Books. This place is amazing. There are thousands and thousands of books on just about everything. They're all second hand but most of them are in fine condition and cost next to nothing. I've wanted to read The Colour Purple for years so I'm happy that I stumbled across that one at the bottom of the shelf, and I loved David Nicholls's One Day (didn't everyone!?) so I'm excited to try this one out.

And there ends my mini "haul" type post which I hope you've enjoyed. I'm excited to show Jess Camden in a few weeks so I'll probably be back soon with another post full of more same-old-same-old junk. Happy Wednesday!

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