Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Internet friend #1, meeting #3

Alright, I've been into this about fifty million times so I probably don't need to tell the whole story again. I met fabby Jess here on Blogspot in September 2012 and we met in person last February, and then again in August. You can read all about our wonderful adventures and probably our whole life stories (I ramble a lot) in posts here and here. On Friday, Jess and I decided to meet up for a third time for fun, food and shopping in Guildford which happens to have the best selection of shops anywhere in the UK. Jess is such a bad influence on me, I'm not even joking. I never usually buy that much but with her I'm like, buy aaaall the things.

She was also super-organised and had made a little shopping list which I'd forgotten to do, so I took little peeks at hers and stole some of her ideas. The first shop I made a purchase in was H&M which happened to have a sale (thank you, sweet Jesus). I picked up a pretty cute tshirt for just £7. It has a really sweet little lacy-style pattern on the front of it:

We also went to New Look and we'd just stepped in the door when I laid eyes on this adorable pattern:

It's on a simple button-up skirt which I've since found out one of my best friends bought on the same day, but in Kingston. What can I say? She obvi just has amazing taste... I've been wearing both the tshirt and skirt together which looks pretty summery but which I've been winterising with tights and Doc Martens:

We also (cough, Jess) picked up quite a bit of makeup! Actually, I only got a makeup brush (double-ended, £2.99 from H&M because I'm cheap!) and two Sleek blushes but head over to Jess's blog to see what she got.

Showing my love for Rose Gold.

Let's try not to laugh at the dreadful lighting and generally bad quality of these webcam photos. On the left is Rose Gold and on the right is Suede. Here are some proper photos of them so you can see the actual colours:

Rose Gold: Source
Suede: Source

As you can see, they're both kind of peachy shades but one is more shimmery while the other is more matte (are those the right terms?). I love them both though! I think they're such great quality and I'm loving wearing Rose Gold on the apples of my cheeks while using Suede to contour a tiny bit and pretend I actually have cheekbones. They're only £4.35 in Superdrug so definitely go and pick one up to see if you love it. At that price, you can't go wrong.

And would a trip to Guildford be complete without a quick pit stop in that fabulous American sweet shop? No is your answer. I think Jess may have spent around a tenner in there (!!!) but I just got some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. How yummy are they?! (I think my face says it all)

I hope this hasn't been too boring to read but definitely pop over to Jess's blog and take a look at her posts because they're pretty rad! I hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday. xo

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  1. Thank you for Friday! It was so much fun! You know I'm good influence in disguise really...and I spent £9! Plus they were mostly for my family! -cough- :P but yeah, it was awesome as per usual! xxxx