Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I love rings. Two years ago - weirdly - I don't think I owned any. I was kind of adverse to them and thought the only ring I'd ever wear would be a wedding ring, if I were to get married, that is. Well, that's so not the case. After earrings, rings are now probably my favourite piece of jewellery and I feel like my hands look naked without them. I've taken blurry-webcam photos of my four favourites and I'm going to talk about the meaning (lol, is there one?) behind them. NB: I do have weird short little sausage-shaped fingers.

This ring is apparently is a "rainbow moonstone" if that's even a thing. (I just googled it, it is a thing and also quite cheap, like £5.) Every summer, I go with my parents and brother to visit my mum's family on a lake island in the south of Germany called Lindau. It's one of the most beautiful places I've been to and one of my favourite things to do there is stand by a huge jewellery market outside the train station and almost cry at how many things I want from there. Last summer, I saw this ring a couple of days before we left but I had no money on me. The next day, the stall was closed (the owners had bummed off to another town for the day) and all I could think about was the ring. Laaame. On the final morning, literally just ten minutes before we boarded our train for the airport, I ran out and bought it at a "special morning price" of 18 euros. It's sterling silver so I don't mind paying a bit more because it's not going to turn that weird bronzey colour!

My best friend bought me this ring for Christmas from TopShop. We pretend it's my engagement ring from her because we act like we're married anyway. It's sad. She gave it to me in a little ring box and when I opened it, there was a little note saying "Will you engage me?" - she once forgot the word "propose" and used "engage" instead. Anyway, I know a lot of people (Kate Moss especially!) say you shouldn't really mix gold and silver jewellery but I wear this with my silver rings and I like to think people don't notice. Fingers crossed.

These two are maybe my favourite rings in the wuuurld. The one on my middle finger is a Pandora birthstone ring. My birthstone is actually a crappy grey thing because it's April but the December one looked much nicer, plus December is my favourite month (with Christmas and all) so it seemed more fitting. It was a Christmas present in 2012 from my German grandma and I wear it p much everyday. The infinity ring was a beaut gem I stumbled across in the treasure troves sometimes referred to as, um, Claire's Accessories. I'd been after something with the (oh-so-overused) infinity symbol on it for ages but it was hard to find one subtle enough or which wasn't dripping in rhinestones. I was honestly squealing in excitement when I saw this and snapped it up right away.

I hope you're enjoyed this truly riveting insight into my collection of fave rings and the extreme close ups of my Shrek-like sausage fingers. Let me know if you guys have any meaning behind jewellery you wear a lot, I always find that kind of stuff interesting! xo

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