Friday, 7 February 2014

Duffle coat

I freaking love duffle coats. My brother has one which I sometimes borrow when he's not paying attention (sneakyroonie) but I've been feeling like I need my own for a while. I popped into TopShop on Sunday and hallelujah there was a sale! And in this sale was just one duffle coat... in my size! I've also been loving navy lately and, wowee, it was a navy duffle coat! (Very dark navy, perhaps almost black... but still.) An added bonus was that it used to be £89 but in the sale it was £30! Apologies for all the exclamation marks but this is perhaps one of the best, most bargainous, glorious purchases of my life. (!!!) 

P.S: I look like an unsmiling man in one of the photos, we all have off-days, okay?

(Extra cool-coat points for a bangin' lining.)

What time is it? That's right, selfie o'clock.

In other news, I am currently attempting to learn twenty four Frank Turner songs before I see him live on Wednesday and it's not going too well. This is my favourite so far though:

What's been your guys' best buy of yo lives?

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  1. I love duffle coats, they are so super warm and easy to throw on over everything!

    Lucy | Make Up Your Mind